Human Pinball: Tropics

Human Pinball : Tropics

You have been granted some leisure time but there is a twist.

It has been recognised that you have a nemesis, so we suggest you take this time to hone your skills of transporting spheres around this small island. There is a small practice area, so you can choose which sphere suits your skill level. Your best time will be included within your Profile.

You have a standard issue suit, as always whilst it is flexible and gives high degrees of survival in difficult situations, it cannot take much water damage. There have been reports from the island, that a lava well has been acting up a bit. It goes without saying, no suit can stand any contact with lava.

Should you loose one of the spheres to deep water and or lava, it is best left and find a replacement.

It is your best interests to use this time wisely.


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Apr 23, 2019

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