Tubes and Cavern

Tubes And Cavern:

This is a perilous mission that only you can do, it requires a keen mind and dexterity like no other.

Somewhere in the many winding tubes that link the Cistern, you now find yourself in and the Celestial Cavern on the other side, you will find 14 elements. Each of these elements must be collected and deposited directly into the Cavern.

The mixture of all those elements will save mankind by quenching the cauldron that has erupted within our planets core. We have inserted a portal for your safe return.

Some residual gas may still linger in the tubes, it may cause temporary blindness, do not stay too long in its grip. Beware of the local inhabitants of the Cistern, the gas has made them aggressive. There are also some unusual creatures that frequent the tubes, damage from either creatures may compromise your air supply, avoid them at all times. You have a limited amount of Air in your tanks.

If you fail, all mankind will perish. You have the wishes and good luck, from us all.


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Apr 21, 2019

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